Anonymous said: In the Cognitive Functions post what did you mean when you said that Si's recognise internal physical states in themselves and others?

Si Dom users is supposed to be aware of their own inner physical state. Maybe sometimes others is they have enough experience of the person.

They know when something is right or wrong. It’s not really a feeling as Fi is; it’s a physical difference.

Their body’s state made from previous impressions gives them a way of knowing about how they may or may not react to something.

Think of it as subjective collective data from past experiences.

It’s pretty complicated to understand if you aren’t a Si user. And this is the only way I can think of explaining it.

Edit: For example maybe you’d hear an Si user say that they can “Feel it in their bones.” That something may or may not be right. Or that something is giving them the chills etc:

It’s a bodily reaction to a moment or event.

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Question: When reading TV Tropes and their “MBTI” typings, how in the hell in Willow Rosenberg an INTP? Where the eff is her Ti? No where. There is no logical bone in that girls body, and if there is, she shows it through her inferior Te. Look at the end of Season 6.

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This is a public service announcement.

People in the MBTI community, stop mistaking Fi for a thinking type.

Thank you for reading.

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I can’t actually wait to start my YouTube channel about typology. I really can’t. Bring on September!

  • Remember all people possess all functions; just a higher preference for one over others
  • If after this you aren’t clued up on functions then you need help.
  • But I love questions, so still ask me questions.
  • Excuse the red underlines. Thanks. It took me too long to make it, and now I have given up.
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/end little rant.

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Kristen Stewart – The Hatred of Introversion in Hollywood?

Kristen is often ridiculed for her introversion, by journalists, paparazzi, internet meme’s, and you name it, they claim her to be: boring, unapproachable, and unemotional. Is it because America views introversion as something that is not acceptable in Hollywood? I’m not sure. There are plenty of introverts who are famous in Hollywood today, but I feel Kristen feels no need to hide her introversion, and that is the difference. I think she doesn’t force herself to act like something she isn’t in the view of the public.

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