Buffy Meme [2/4] Relationships » Buffy + Weapons

Well, if this guy wants to fight with weapons, I’ve got it covered from “A” to “Z” - from ax to … zee other ax.

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btvs + purple

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buffy appreciation weekday three: most heartbreaking moments

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Buffy Appreciation Week, Favourite Season: Season 5

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make me choose: caroline forbes or buffy summer's puns

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btvs + colours

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btvs appreciation week: [day 1] favorite character → buffy summers

"Oh, it’s not a gay thing! Well, she’s gay but we don’t…gay."

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make me choose: ryansatwood asked buffy/dawn or buffy/willow

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Sometimes I don’t think about BtVS and then suddenly boom it hits me I realize how stupidly and madly I am in love with Buffy and how stupidly happy I feel watching the credits and headbanging to the intro and reading the names of my favorite cast and thinking about these incredibly real characters and how they make me feel and how nothing and no one can ever take that away like gosh fucking damn

I feel you. Fandom hug, pass it on image

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buffy appreciation week: day 2 • favourite pairing or friendship

buffy summers and willow rosenberg

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