Buffy in HD trailer

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Buffy Summers → Faceless

Buffy Summers → Faceless

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Sean Bean dies in everything because it’s the universe trying to correct the hole ripped in it due to the fact that his name doesn’t rhyme when it should


wild horses couldn’t drag me away.

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34/100 photos of charisma carpenter 

34/100 photos of charisma carpenter 

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Scary thought…


Nicholas Brendon, who played Xander in Buffy, is now as old as Anthony Head was when the show first started.


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I’m just so emotionally attached to a lot of the people I follow. Like, I might not even talk to you, but I’ll see your little icon and url pop up on my dash and I’ll just stare at it and smile and be like: friend.

That’s a wrap! I can’t wait for everyone to see these images and hear @itsmeleighton new album. Mike D you’re the best! #ReleaseDateComingSoon #StayTuned [x]
That’s a wrap! I can’t wait for everyone to see these images and hear @itsmeleighton new album. Mike D you’re the best! #ReleaseDateComingSoon #StayTuned [x]
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make me choose » jennyburtons asked: allison argent or lorelai gilmore

i stopped being a child the minute the strip turned pink, okay? i had to figure out how to live.

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« What is it like to study graphic design? » — Anonymous

Wow, erm. I’ve only just finished my first year this year, and I am about to start my second year.

The first year contained a lot of creative thought, which means you come up with an idea which is a solution for a problem, and either get told it’s crap or good and you do this in front of some of your classmates. 

It kind of reminds me of those reality shows where you show what you’ve produced and you get told what’s mainly bad about it. It’s fab. 

The second semester was the same thing but applying it to graphic design problems. 

Studying it for me is stressful but also great. You’ve got to create some thick skin and understand that it’s not really personal if they don’t like your work. 


“Let’s get this party started.”

“Let’s get this party started.”

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The BTVS fandom is going to regif everything. I can see it coming. 

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Buffy in HD trailer

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Buffy in HD on Pivot, starting August 19th

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